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13. April 2019

Nina Lagergren (1921-2019)

Von der Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative (RWI-70) erreicht uns die traurige Nachricht, dass die Schwedin Nina Lagergren verstorben ist. Mit ihr hat uns eine aufrechte Kämpferin für des Menschen Rechte verlassen. Unser Mitgefühl gilt ihrer Familie. Susanne Berger (Washington), Koordinatorin von RWI-70, erinnert an die mutige Schwester des Judenretters Raoul Wallenberg.

Von Susanne Berger




13. February 2019

Swedish intelligence documents raise new questions about the fate of Raoul Wallenberg

Secrets kept for 75 years

The documentation shows that in 1943, Sweden and Hungary entered into a secret intelligence sharing agreement about Soviet espionage operations. The information has potentially important ramifications for the search for the young Swede who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust and who disappeared in the Soviet Union in 1945.

By Susanne Berger und Vadim Birstein


06. August 2018

The Problem of Nuclear Detection 

'It's a bit like trying your hand at blindfolded Chess'

A recently retired U.S. intelligence analyst explains the difficult challenges experts face to contain the global nuclear threat

XX is an expert in the field of nuclear proliferation and radiation detection. A retired physicist and holder of eight technical patents, he taught physics at the university level for several years before joining the U.S. intelligence community as an analyst and technical expert. His identity has been withheld, due to U.S. security regulations.

Interview by Susanne Berger (Washington DC, USA)