06. February 2020

Machtergreifung in Erfurt

oder wie man die Demokratie kaputt macht

Über den Dammbruch in Thüringen am gestrigen 5. Februar 2020, an dem CDU und FDP mit der demokratiefeindlichen, rechtsextremen AfD offen gemeinsame Sache machten, schreibt der Journalist und Kultur- und Friedenspreisträger der Villa Ichon, Kurt Nelhiebel (Bremen), im Frankfurter Weltexpresso.



05. February 2020

Mark Charles (Navajo) for President

"I want to live in a country where 'We the People' actually means 'All the People'"

Mark Charles  is a  member of the  Navajo nation. He has called for a "Truth and Conciliation Commission" to foster dialogue and understanding between native people, other people of color and white Americans. His campaign has attracted international attention.

You can read more about Mark Charles' campaign on the Fritz Bauer Blog.

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27. January 2020

Raoul Wallenberg's fate

Open Letter to Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde'

75 years ago, Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in the Soviet Union. Soviet and later Russian officials repeatedly lied about important aspects of his case. Russian authorities today continue to refuse access to key documentation found in Russian archives. As emerged recently, Swedish authorities, too, have withheld important information from Raoul Wallenberg's family and the public. 

Wallenberg's family turns today with an Open Letter to Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Linde, urging her to take more determined action to establish the full circumstances of Raoul Wallenberg's fate.

Open Letter